Conversations With My Daughter #13

May 2011

Plague descends on our house. Both parents really not able, and we just can’t. Just. Cannot.

Our child’s endless supply of energy is courtesy of permanently overcharged internal dynamo. We cannot match it.

Me: I’m really not feeling well today. I’m producing far too much snot, and I feel like someone’s mining the inside of my head
Sarah: Yeah, I’m absolutely hanging as well
Me: Sorry, but it’s parenting via the TV this afternoon. We’ll watch Alice In Wonderland
Sarah: Fair enough
Alice [from bottom of the stairs]: Are you hopping, Daddy?

[Sarah looks at me meaningfully]

Me: [sigh & stare at ceiling] *hop!* *hop!* *hop!*
Sarah: Daddy’s hopping!
Alice: Yaaaaaaaay!!!


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