Conversations With My Daughter #21

October 2011

[It’s Friday morning. Our daughter has woken us up. She is clearly in distress. It’s not her first nightmare, but she is very shaken. We attempt to calm her down]

Mummy & Daddy: What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream?
Alice [wailing]: “A bird! A bird!”
“A bird outside!”
There isn’t a bird outside
“Yes! A bird!”
What kind of bird was it? Was it a seagull?
Was it an eagle? Was it a vulture?
“Noooo. Not a eagle”
Was it a crow? Did it go ‘waaark waaaark waaaark’?
[In a slightly condescending tone, which is rich coming from a two-year-old]: “No Daddy, it wasn’t a duck!”
Well, what was it then?
“A penguin! WAAAAAAHH….!!!”
A penguin.





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