Conversations With My Daughter #5

October 2010

They say a wise child knows its own father.

In Alice’s case, “Daddy” has recently been: Me, Sarah, my brother, my wife’s brother, both grandmothers and grandfather, my mum’s dog, several other dogs, at least one cat, and a trip to the zoo threw up a fair few nominations…

Lots of pens, several pieces of paper, the car, the nice Polish lady who comes to clean the house and have an English lesson, several other cars (including a Ferrari – nice!), numerous trucks, my beard, the shark from Jaws, Thomas the Tank Engine, a photograph of all of the band I play in (I trust there’s a one-in- four chance of success there, at least)…

Her water bottle, the CD cover of “Tilt” by Scott Walker, lots of songs (which have included Queen, The Beach Boys, Captain Beefheart, Throbbing Gristle, the pinball numbers song from Sesame Street and Puff the Magic Dragon) the Prime Minister on television, the television itself, plenty of books and DVDs, lots of things that rattle or light up, plenty of plastic bricks, the fireplace, a spoon, and on two occasions at least, some poo.


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