Conversations With My Daughter #7

December 2010

Alice has announced that she loves Teddy, and Upsy-Daisy, and Charlie & Lola, and bed, and pasta, and curtains, and chair, and fire, and Santa, and tree, and car, and sofa, and ‘puter, and bricks, and nappy, and carrots, and water, and biscuits, and horsey, and Nana, and Granny, and Uncle, and Aunty, and Cousins, and Granny’s dog, and Aslan for some reason…

Totally into Aslan
Already totally into Aslan

…and paper, and bowl, and table, and dining room, and TV, and CD, and DVD, and baubles, and tinsel, and stairs, and cheese, and squash, and kitchen, and stair-gate, and cuddles, and bubbles, and Froggie, and tights.

She also loves Mummy and Daddy, but only when prompted, and even then with some reluctance.


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