Conversations With My Daughter #34-NO WAIT! #35

January 2013

You know when your 3-year old daughter has seen too many episodes of Top Gear when she points at Jeremy Clarkson barrelling round a track in a drop-top Mercedes SLS and says:
“Daddy, can you get one of those?”
Sorry Alatron, I can’t.
“Why not?”
Because it costs £120,000, and I would look like I’m driving a stupid shoe.
“It’s better than your car”
Well, yes, thanks a lot, kid.
“And I think it’s better than a Ferrari*”
Where the fu-… flip did you get that from?
“…Off of Top Gear.”

Dearest Sarah, my beautiful wife and loving partner,
I’m sorry about this. I didn’t think it would go this far.

*pronounced, rather sweetly, as “Fewwawi”


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