Conversations With My Daughter #I’ve lost count

February 2013

My daughter is worrying me. She seems to want to become some sort of Mafia-style Don. She’s clearly operating some sort of protection/extortion racket in her nursery. The evidence?

Alice [on waking me up this morning]: “Daddy!! I want to write a letter.”
Uh? Wha? To whom?
A: I want to write to my friend, K___
Er… OK, what do you want the letter to say?
“Dear K___, I hope you and your brother are well. I hope that you stay well and that you DON’T DIE”

Later on, after eating her porridge, she turned to me and said “You need to be careful with things, Daddy. Because things just… break sometimes… don’t they?”
Now I have another good reason for not buying her a pony.



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