Conversations With My Daughter #50

October 2013

We have discovered ancient reruns of The Crystal Maze on the Challenge TV channel (endless quiz shows, including Knightmare – result! Although much crappier than anyone remembers), and it has become Alice’s new favourite programme.
Two things bother me:
1. She has picked up my habit (and Sarah’s, to be honest; it’s not completely my fault) of shouting rude things at contestants who fail to comprehend the challenges. Rather sweetly, she tries to shout at the contestants through the speaker grill on the television, ergo, if that’s where the people on telly are talking from, perhaps that’s where you can talk back to them. This has happened before. When Sarah appeared as a random member-of-the-great-unwashed vox-pop on a local news programme a few months ago, Alice shouted through the speaker grill “HEY! TV! BRING MY MUMMY BACK!!”. Although Alice doesn’t quite yet comprehend that these episodes of The Crystal Maze were broadcast in 1990, and that she can’t quite communicate to people across the gulf of the space-time continuum.

2. She inexplicably loves the Aztec Zone. So much, that last night she had a tantrum when they left for the Industrial Zone. It didn’t make any difference. I told her that she was having one of her “bizarre child” moments, but she got her revenge later that night at 4am when she woke up in a panic, complaining that she couldn’t find the duvet which was bunched up at the bottom of her bed.

Ah, parenting.


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