Conversations With My Daughter #53

February 2014

In an effort to get out of the house, we went out as a family for a blustery picnic at a beauty spot, some way out of the city. It’s February. Of course it’s the right time of year for a picnic!

Hooray! Picnic Weather!!
Yay! Picnic Weather!!

Alice and I have taken (on our daddy-daughter days out) to having picnics in the boot of the car, especially when the weather is inclement. Sarah doesn’t like it much, and would prefer to eat picnics in the open air. Nevertheless, we often have quite splendid discussions. On this occasion, conversation turned to gender matters:

A: “Are some worms girls and some worms boys? Because it’s hard to tell them apart.”
Actually, funny you should ask, but worms are both girls AND boys.
A: “Uh?”
They have boy parts and girl parts in their bodies. They’re male AND female! There’s a special word for that: hermaphrodite.
A: “Ah. That means they have two first names! A boy name and a girl name!”

Can’t fault the logic.


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