Conversations With My Daughter #55

April 2014

Alice and I are watching The Sky at Night. Our new SuperFuckYeah! telly (old telly now dead) can pause live TV. She’s pausing things and asking me questions.
A: “What’s that?”
It’s the constellation called The Plough
“What’s that?”
That’s a sunset.
“And that?”
That’s the Milky Way, that’s our galaxy.
“Aaaand what’s that? Oh, I know what that is, it’s Saturn”.
Well done, high five!
“It’s so small”
No, just far away. Lol.
“What’s that??”
Alice, that’s a Planetary Scientist.

So, add Planetary Scientist to the ‘Things Alice Wants To Do When She’s Grown Up’ list, along with Ballerina, Doctor, “Helper” (whatever that means), Bin-Lorry Driver, and Bass Guitarist.


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