Conversations With My Daughter #67

December 2014

Alice has completed her 2-show run of performances as Mary in the school nativity play. Obviously, I’m chuffed and proud that she did really well, and wasn’t remotely bothered by performing in front of people – although I’m pretty sure that in most of the interpretations of The Christmas Story, during the Angel Gabriel’s visit to foretell the coming of the Messiah, the Holy Mother did not pick her nose and eat it.

And I’m pretty sure that when the Three Wise Men/Shepherds visited the Stable bringing gifts and adoration, Mary did not hold Baby Jesus aloft as if preparation for sacrifice and shout “This is a sign of war!!” – although Alice’s superb class teacher felt that the only appropriate music to be played at that point was the Game Of Thrones theme tune, so Alice was clearly channeling something.

It was remarkably like this
It was remarkably like this

(On questioning Alice later, she told me that she actually said “This is the First Son of God”, which frankly, is nowhere near as cool)

If it weren’t a turbulent couple of days enough, Alice’s first wobbly tooth fell out last night. So, she performed the ritual of putting it under her pillow, and she awoke this morning to find a fresh pound coin, thanks to the Tooth Fairy (bloody Denture-Elf only brought me 10p back in the day, although inflation, yeah?), and demanded that she take the pound coin to school to show off to her friends. Against my better judgement, I allowed it.

Yup, within 20 minutes of arriving at school, she had dropped it down the toilet.


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