Conversations With My Daughter #69

March 2015

While walking home from school…

“Daddy, I want pudding tonight. Can we have pudding, Daddy? I really, really like pudding!”
We’ll see.
“Do you know what my favourite pudding is, Daddy?”
It’s jelly because it wobbles like Mummy’s tummy…
“It’s jelly because it wobbles like your tummy, Daddy! HAHAHAHA!!”
Yes. Indeed.
“Can we have jelly tonight, Daddy? As a treat… for me?” [turns on maximum huge eyes]
Errrr… no, probably not. I really can’t* make jelly. Jelly is more of a Mummy thing. Anyway, we haven’t got any (Well done, that’s the standard “we can’t” checklist smoothly filled in!).
“We could buy some”
Not today.
“You could make it from my blood and guts!”


Update: She had a Nutella dip in the end. She has smeared quite a lot of it on her new white shirt, in accordance with all known traditions.

Update part II: It turns out, after questioning Sarah later, that she and Alice discussed medieval food at the weekend. Sarah told Alice about eating swan, peacock and calves’ hoof jelly and how it is made. See? Blood, guts, gore and history can be educational! Who’d’ve thought?

*I have never made jelly in my life. For all I know it involves battery acid and sea serpents.

Jelly ingredient. Probably.
Jelly ingredient. Probably.

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