Conversations With My Daughter #82

In our family we watch the news on a daily basis. We think it’s important that our daughter learns about the wider world, and how the world’s events can have impact on us. We also want her to feel connected with current events, no matter how harsh the reality is. We live in a fluctuating 24-hour news cycle, and we feel Alice should be exposed to it. We do not censor, unless we are warned that the footage will be graphically disturbing.


The other morning, Alice got really upset as a result of a news story. First, she was silent on hearing the report. And then she burst into great, splashing, heaving sobs over her porridge.

Alice, old fruit, what’s wrong?

[deep shuddering breath]

7-year-old daughter takes notice of, gets affected by, and has opinion on a once-in-a-generation political issue. Parenting win!!


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