Conversations With My Daughter #84

We are at an extremely fine National Trust house undergoing restoration. We are gathered around a table watching a demonstration of crockery by a nice late-middle-aged National Trust Lady. As has been stated before, Alice’s speciality is nice late-middle-aged ladies…

National Trust Lady: “…and these little cups are made of high-quality porcelain. Do you see how delicate and pretty they are…?”
Alice: [interrupting] “Oh yes, we have cups like that at home. Nana and I play with them.”
N.T.L.: “Really? Gosh, you must be very rich!”
Alice: [primly] “No. We’re middle-class.” [walks off]


The National Trust Lady looks at me and raises her eyebrows over her half-moon spectacles in astonishment and slight outrage. Being middle-class, I refrain from commenting any further, and instead I become very interested in the recently restored ceiling plasterwork.


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