Conversations With My Daughter #86

Me: What did you learn at school today, Alice?

Alice: We learned about Antarctica! Penguins live there!

Me: Correct, anything else?

Alice: And Polar Bears!

Me: No. They’re at the North Pole. Anything else?

Alice: It’s very cold

Me: Yes…and?

Alice: It’s at the bottom of the world, so if you stand there, you fall off into space!

Me: No, you can’t do that. Why not?

Alice: Because the clouds will catch you!

Me: Nooooo. Why can’t you fall off the world?

Alice: Because… gravity?

Me: Exactly. Because gravity. What is gravity?

Alice: It sticks you to the world. That’s why you float in space. Because there is no gravity there.

Me: OK, good. Y’know, if you look at the Earth, where we are in the UK, we’d be standing on quite a steep slope (indicates a roughly 51-degree angle with my hand)

Alice: [thoughtfully] Ah. That explains why I woke up feeling diagonal this morning.

A representation of a nightmare I had when I was nine years old



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