Conversations With My Daughter #87



Yes love?

“How old do you think I’ll be when I first put my fist into a boxing glove?”


“Because I’ll probably be quite old. Much older than I am now”


“Because you know, I think I should take up boxing for a bit…”

Oh….kay. Hang on, what?

“…yes, because as you know, I intend to be an author”

Rrrright. Er… you do? Since when?

“…and authors should do lots of things so that they can write about them”

Yes, but…

“…and I want to do some boxing. And be a police officer. And a nurse. And a doctor of course, you can’t be a nurse and not be a doctor, you know…”


“…but I think I should probably do boxing when I’m 20. And be a soldier. And a teacher.”

Er… are you Ernest Hemingway or something?

“…because I need to find out what I’m going to do when I’m older quickly. I am seven, you know.”

You don’t need to…

“I’m nearly eight.”


“Who is Ernest Hemingway anyway?”

Ah, he’s…




Yes. Yes, you did.



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