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Well, hello there.

My name is Dan. This is my blog about my attempts to parent, the conversations I have with my daughter, my personal thoughts on how I perceive parenting, and my general and continued haplessness as an adult human being.

I have a family consisting of my bezzie mate – my lovely, supportive, very tolerant and practical wife Sarah; and our daughter Alice, who was born in 2009. She is… well, you’ll see for yourself. I think she’s brilliant for all sorts of reasons, but I’ll try and keep overt parental gushing to a minimum. Between the two of them, they’re the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I should make something clear: I’m not an expert on being a dad. I’m very, very far from being an expert. I’m not even sure I’m an expert on being me.

I like writing, and I felt like writing a blog which would be honest about what being a dad is sometimes like: If you’re like me, sometimes you might  feel like a bit of a clueless shambles – awkward, uncertain, lacking in confidence, and feeling like everyone else has got adulthood nailed. It’s just occurred to me that being an inexperienced dad is a bit like being a teenager all over again, with all the same social pressures and the expectations of society, except without as much grease, vocal wobbling, spots, and masturbation.

Just so’s you know, this blog is first and foremost supposed to be funny. I have a natural inclination to want to be friends with you, but I’m afraid that as I’ve grown older, I’ve grown rather stereotypically grumpy and irascible. Hence I should warn you that this blog will sometimes be angry, frequently sweary, maybe a bit petty, and a bit opinionated. I may write about things you might consider stupid, pointless, uncomfortably honest, disagreeable, and downright irresponsible. Sometimes you might think “How could he do that to his wife/daughter/family??! What the hell was he thinking??”, and that’s OK, I can see why you’d think that. Sometimes this blog will hate you, and it’s nothing personal. I’d much rather we were mates though.

You are very welcome to comment.

All posts (c) Daniel Phnut.


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